Yuki Hanyu


Yuki Hanyu got his Ph.D in chemistry from Oxford University on 2010. After working as a research scientist in Tohoku University and Toshiba Research and Development Center, he founded in 2014 the “Shojinmeat Project”, the world’s first citizen science community for DIY open-source cell-based meat. Based on the low-cost cell culture technology developed in Shojinmeat Project, he founded IntegriCulture Inc. in 2015 to commercialize cell-based meat. The company develops the general-purpose large-scale cell culture system (CulNet System) to scale and commercialize cell-based products such as cosmetics, foie gras and meat, while Shojinmeat Project develops DIY cell-based meat and engage in public communications through art and doujin projects. He aims to build Lunar and Martian cell-cultured food production facility to support thousands of colonists there in the future, and develop technologies so that anyone can design and make cell-based meat for fun.