Mariliis Holm

Finless Foods

During the last decade, Mariliis Holm has contributed significantly to the field of food innovation as well as sensory and flavour science. Today, she is the Director of Food Science at Finless Foods where she creates delicious and sustainable seafood without the catch. Finless Foods is an innovative biotech start up eliminating the need to farm or harvest live fish from our precious oceans by developing fresh and sustainable cell-based fish and seafood.
Mariliis is also the co-founder of Nonfood, the first ever food innovation start-up creating radically sustainable future food products from algae. She has been featured in Forbes and her company in CNN Tech and Vice.
She is an alumnus and member of highly selective and reputable organizations such as Singularity University, Baltic Lead and FIPDes focusing on either the future of food, technology or leadership.