Abril Estrada

Wild Earth

Dr. Abril Estrada is co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Wild Earth, Inc., the first biotech company leveraging cellular agriculture and alternative proteins for use in commercial pet food. She currently leads the Science and Innovation, as well as the Operations teams at Wild Earth, where her most recent development efforts have focused on the use of fungal- and plant-based proteins to create animal-free, nutritionally complete dog food. Abril has a Chemistry degree from the University of Texas at El Paso, a Ph.D. in Biomaterials Chemistry from the University of California Santa Barbara, and 10 years of experience in product research and development, where she has explored colloid science, materials science, oxidation chemistry and food science to create innovative consumer goods. As a scientist and entrepreneur, Abril is passionate about bringing to market innovative products that are not just environmentally sustainable, but also cruelty-free.