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Cell-based Meat, Cultivated Meat, Craft Meat, no matter what you call it, the importance of cellular agriculture goes a long way for the global food system.


It will take not only science and feasibility but marketing and a strong brand perception to allow us to break through and make change.

The regulatory landscape is one of the biggest hurdles for Cultured Meat technology.


Join us as we discuss the path towards safe and regulated cell-cultured meat, fish, and poultry in the United States and the rest of the world.

Commercialization, retail feasibility, and scale up is an important aspect of cultured meat technology. Startups and incumbents in the space are making headway.


Join us as we discuss the commercialization and acceptance of cell-cultured meat, fish, and poultry.


The Cultured Meat Symposium 2019 event focuses on the Food + Science of cell-cultured meat. Speakers cover the topics of technology, regulation, and commercialization.

New Harvest
Kate Krueger
Aleph Farms
Neta Lavon
Tim Noakesmith
Memphis Meats
David Kay
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